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Building swimming pools has been a forte for us. When you choose us to build a swimming pool for you, we believe you let us make your dream into a reality. It is an honor for us and we try to live up to your expectations to the fullest. We have a team of specialists who assist you in through the various stages of planning, designing, building and installation of your swimming pool. We build swimming pools of all kinds, be it indoor or outdoor. Our swimming pool consultant offer solutions for a safe and secure swimming pool construction. Our team also promises to deliver other effective services. In regard to swimming pools, some of the services that we provide include,

  • Planning & Designing of Swimming Pool
  • Construction of Swimming Pool
  • Re-Structuring or Renovation of Swimming Pool
  • Repairing of Existing Swimming Pool

Though most people love the idea of having their own private swimming pool in their backyard, they often back out of actually getting one built because of the tediousness involved in the task. The construction of a swimming pool like any other construction work involved huge amounts of dust, mess and noise during the ongoing of the project. Also, once the work is done, you need to clean up all the mess. As a reliable company, we however relieve our clients from all such fear or worry. As a conscious builder, we care about the safety and privacy of you and your family. Our workers try to finish the job in hand with minimum audible disturbances and also clear up the entire site once the job is done. We handover the responsibility of the swimming pool to you only after it has been approved by our experts regarding its proper functioning.


It's a tedious task to maintain your swimming pool clean and safe. However keeping it tidy, free from bacteria, insects and algae is a necessity. We help you make swimming pool maintenance quick and easy. Aqua Oxygen provides maintenance and repair services ranging from simple Chlorine tablets, skimming nets and wall brushes to pool water recirculation and disinfection equipment. Various parameters like pH levels and chemical balance are checked on a regular basis in order to meet safety standards. It is of great importance to assure a safe, healthy and hygienic environment for the pool users and efficient operation of the swimming pool. Our pool technicians make sure that your pool offers you the most refreshing and enjoyable swimming experience that nothing else can.

We maintain pool & chemical parameters insisted by municipality and always ensures the levels and water quality maintained on high standards which ensures the smooth operations of all operational parts and specially your heater – heater chiller system preventing corrosion of coils and other damages.

Water Treatments

The treatment of water includes concerns regarding maintaining turnover rate, filtration, disinfection and proper usage of chemicals. The entire volume of pool water has to be treated and circulated at regular intervals of time. Thus swimming pools have to be equipped with a re-circulating system including filtration and disinfection facilities to provide water quality consistent with specified chemical and physical standards. Swimming pool recirculation and disinfection equipment are to be operated continuously. Aqua Oxygen benchmarks itself to international companies thus strictly adhering to provide quality treatment of water.

Leak Tests & Rectifications

Pools are built to be water tight. But often due to wear and tear of sealants, pool leakage may occur. It is the worst nightmare of a pool owner to see declining water levels every other day and bearing the burden of sky rocketing rectification costs. Aqua Oxygen takes special attention in early identification of the problem and leakage detection. Close observation and pressure tests will be performed to detect the exact leakage point in the walls, pipes or plumbing system of the pool. Cracks in the pool walls, floors, perimeter overflow systems, and decks shall be repaired by the technicians after detection and large scale rectification works follow suit.


Earlier people never paid much attention to the exterior of their surroundings like their homes or offices. But the trend has changed now. People are more and more conscious about the look and feel of the space outside their house, office or any other commercial center. A well planned and designed landscape is believed to accentuate the beauty of a location.

We have a team of experts who work extremely hard to provide customized solutions in landscaping, designing and architectural ventures to different businesses for residential and commercial properties for individuals, hotels, resorts, palaces, villas and other institutions. Our staff strives towards forging better relations with our clients and emphasis towards achieving and maintaining hundred percent customer satisfactions. Our tremendous experiences and quality skills have helped us earn a name of our own and create a position of our own in the sector among hundreds of other popular construction companies.

We provides the following services,

  • Landscape Architecture
  • Landscape Designing
  • Landscape Development
  • Landscape Execution & Construction
  • Landscape Development
  • Landscape Repairing
  • Landscape Renovation & Remodeling
  • Garden Designing
  • Nursery Services

While planning, designing and construction the outdoor landscape of a particular location, we perform actions like the following:

  • Build Residential And Commercial Buildings
  • Construct Lawns & Gardens
  • Decide Upon The Type Or Kind Of Plants Or Trees
  • Construct Water Bodies, Both Natural And Artificial
  • Create Stone And Brick Pathways
  • Installing Water Features
  • Scenery Patterning
  • Building Summer Houses, Green Houses, Pool Houses & Pavilions

Our professionals personally visit locations in order to have a complete idea about the project in hand. In the very initial stages of the project our executives sit and discuss with our customers in detail. This helps them to understand the requirements, preferences and budget of the clients. During this discussion, they also explain the procedure of the project execution and the pace at which the work shall be done. All necessary queries of the clients are answered professionally and patiently by our executives. Our experienced and talented team of architects, designers and builders work efficiently to help our customers enjoy the appealing look of a beautifully planned and maintained landscape. We have been meeting the needs of numerous popular clients on a regular basis.

For the maintenance of commercial landscape and residential lawns, we do the following,

  • BGround Cover Control
  • Insect & Disease Control
  • Hand Weeding
  • Edging
  • Leaf Removal
  • Deep Hand Pruning Of Ornamental Plants
  • Mowing Of Turf Area
  • Cleanup Of Landscaped Areas Each Visit
  • Fertilization & Weed Control Of Turf Area

Our emphasis is mainly on maintaining quality throughout. Our main aim is at building a better and beautiful environment. With advanced designing techniques, finest quality products and services, we at Aqua Oxygen Maintenance Abu Dhabi (UAE) always try to provide ultimate value for money for our clients. Let your budget be a small or big amount. Do not worry because we at Aqua Oxygen Maintenance Abu Dhabi (UAE) have a solution for one and all. We customize our packages in the best possible manner that fulfills your requirements and also adhere to your budget amount in mind.When it comes to Aqua Oxygen Maintenance, we are the best in the market. For the best landscape services in the United Arab Emirates, get in touch with us. Give us an opportunity to serve you and we assure that you shall not regret. For more details about us and our work, please log onto our official website or call us at +971523845058. You may also write to us with your queries and projects at